Tuesday, 3 April 2012


A Basic Question Arising in Minds of Individuals -

Why is High Security Registration Plates ? Do i need high security plates ? Is there any benefit ?

Answer is Yes - High Security Plates are meant to curb thefts of car. As of now, its pretty easy to change the number plate of the car by the anti-social elements and drive it easily in inter-state

But, when this high security plates will come into existence, it will be almost impossible to change number plate as these high security plates comes with snap lock and any tampering will lead to breakage failing any number plate to remain affix on the car.

The major benefit is hence - these high security plates will end up identifying the stolen cars - as in absence of change of registration plate, it would be quiet difficult for running a stolen car.

Hence, a slight inconvenience as seen at the face will lead in increased safety and security of the vehicle.


  1. Debatable.... The high security No Plates are fixed on bumpers which can easily be damages and the whole bumper assembly is not too difficult to remove... Then comes the situation when some one may damage your bumper at a parking with out you knowing it... instead of a number plate a smart tag with hordes of features in embedded chips like the ones used for toll plazas could be riveted on the vehicles chassis instead relying on removable bumpers.... dunno when the top brass who are supposed to be "La creme de la creme" of the enforcement and bureaucracy wake up and realise their follies before burdening the citizens....

  2. HSRP will not decrease car theft. Most stolen cars are stripped down and the parts are sold. Very few thieves actually try to sell intact cars because of the risks involved. HSMP will not prevent stripping the car and therefore will not reduce car theft.

    HSRP leads to new forms of theft and exploitation. It has also given birth to a new means of thievery that was non-existent until HSRP was made mandatory --- most agents are illegally charging five times the regulatory rate.

    Overall, HSRP leads to more loss than gain. Economically, HSMP will lead to more losses than gains since everyone has to pay for new plates, while car theft rates are unaffected. However, it is excellent business for the car-plate industry, but it amounts to creation of an artificial market since it solves a non-existent problem.