Thursday, 27 September 2012

Deadline for High Security Plates for New Cars

Traffic Police in Delhi have announced that any New cars plying on road from 1st October 2012 without High Security Plates will be fined a penalty of Rs. 2000

As per RTO Office statement in Media Reports - the High Security Plate normally takes 3 working days to have it fitted and every RTO Office in New Delhi has center to fit in these high security plates

On an average 1000 new cars are been sold in Delhi market today and RTO Office claims that from the time they receive the booking amount from customer it can be arranged from 3 working days to a maximum of 6 days

Hence no delay. The statement has gone from Traffic Police that many High Security Plates are lying in RTO and yet to be collected by the people.

The statement from Traffic Police is - 'Any New Purchased Car mandatorily have High Security Number Plates fitted within 7 days of purchase'.

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