Monday, 15 October 2012

Meeting to be Held Today for Finalizing HSRP Guidelines for New Cars

A meeting to be held today between RTO Officials, HSRP Company Officials and Delhi Police following guidelines to come in a day or so about new cars plying without HSRP on roads

As per Hindustan Times - the report said by HSRP company officials Utsav is that "over 3500 plates are been made daily now and over 40,000 plates are ready for which car owners have not yet got it collected from RTO"

To be noted, Delhi cops are planning to start a drive

- To fine Rs. 2000 for new cars plying on road without HSRP (for over a week from date of invoicing/insurance)

- In event of repeat or on first offense - the car could also be prosecuted

Once the guidelines are in place - we will update it on our dashboard

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  1. I think the government has created problem and penalising the car owners. Also, they should do the reality check before they implement fines. Why could they give number plate along with is added headache for us. Just create problems for everybody is the main motto of Govt deparments.