Wednesday, 6 February 2013

HSRP Picking Action in Other States in India

High Security Number Plates is picking Action in other States in India. 

With over 100 Million i.e 10 crore, vehicles running on Indian roads (including 2 Wheeler, 3 Wheeler, Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles), High Security Registration Plate is Mandatory for all set of Vehicles in India.

The deadline as set initially was April 2014 for fixation of High Security Plates on all vehicles across all states in India. However, the focus is done at present to have HSRP as mandatory number plate for New Cars.

Irony is that many new car owners have not collected number plates. As per Times of India report in Sep 2012, over thousands of the number plates were piling up in godowns and over 50% of new car buyers have not got it collected from respective RTO.

It does not seem that even 1% of the vehicles have high security plates affixed on them at present from over 100 Million Vehicles.

You can write in your comments on ways or thoughts by which this entire exercise of HSRP affixation can well be done on time

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