Tuesday, 16 April 2013


- Rosemerta Technologies (the Authorized  Vendor for HSRP Installation) claims that they are soon going to add up 10 more HSRP Centers in New Delhi to take the toll to 25 Center

- The VP of Rosemerta Technologies claims that the Center will remain open on all Public Days (including Sunday) and for extended time period from 9am to 7pm

- Even, there are future plans to make arrangements at Dealer workshops by deputing team members for HSRP Affixation and speed up the process

- In Bihar, as per TOI Report - over 3,00,000 vehicles been covered under HSRP which is 9% of the total registered vehicles as on date

- Transport Department in Delhi aims to cover entire set of over 70 Lakh Vehicles in next 18 months with a phase wise approach. After focusing on new cars, the second phase is covering vehicles purchased post 1st Jan 2009 onwards.

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