Sunday, 23 June 2013

Stolen Cars in Delhi Vs Other Cities in India

Stolen Cars in Delhi

Number of cars been sold in Delhi is more than the combined sales of 3 Metros put together. However, stolen cars in Delhi is equivalent to more than double the top 5 Cities in India (3 Metros and top 2 cities)

Over 4500 cars were stolen in Delhi last year, means an alarming 13 cars were stolen on an average every day in 2012

Below are Stats of Stolen cars in 2012

Cities Stolen Cars
Delhi 4538
Mumbai 1307
Bangalore 383
Kolkatta 68
Chennai 37
Hyderabad 23

The Supreme court has mandated High Security plates to curb down the theft cases. The Technology of HSRP is that the snap lock on number lock is unbreakable. Even, if the snap lock is broken - then it will almost be impossible to put back the Number plate

Do you feel that High Security plates can actually curb down the theft !! Voice your opinion through poll or comment !!

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