Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Penalty and Fines on Fancy and Defective Number Plates in India

Fines on Defective Number Plates

Delhi Traffic Police is starting off to fine car owners with
- Defective Number Plates
- Fancy Number Plates

a fine of Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000 per offence. The campaign expected to kick off this week will begin to challan Commercial Vehicle Owners followed with Car and Bike owners in Delhi region


As per Traffic Police, definition of fancy number plate* is that number plates in which

a) Smaller Imprint of Registration Number on Plate
b) Color used anything except black letter on white plate for private vehicles (except commercial)
c) Embossment of Sticker / Logo or anything else apart from Registration Number
d) Fancy Fonts used for writing the registration number
e) The Registration plate is smaller than the prescribed size or lesser than the thickness
f) In case of Registration mark spread on 2 lines - The State Code and Registration zone will come on the 1st line and vehicle number should come on 2nd line. Eg as referred in pic above

* - Indicative List

The Traffic police on roads, will be given a digital camera too to take photographs of vehicle running on roads with defective or fancy number plates

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