Thursday, 8 August 2013

HSRP Installation Updates for Bihar, Goa and New Delhi

News for Patna, Bihar High Security Number Plates has been suspended in Patna, Bihar. Due to reasons cited in Times of India for Mismanagement of M/s Utsav Safety System - over 50,000 number plates were pending for installation at time of Suspension. 

At present, only vehicles wherein money received by M/s Utsav for High security plates are been under process for completion and no new vehicles getting delivered are now delivered with High Security Plates

- News for Goa All new tender to be afloat in Goa - as good as 4th time as the bidders who have placed bids for high secuirty plate installation are much higher taking Delhi as benchmark. 
A new tender expected to float soon for fixing up Vendor for High Security Plates and installation of number plates to begin then

- News for Delhi High Security Plates now soon going to get kickstart for Older Vehicles in New Delhi. RTO Offices in Delhi are planning to start it in organized way along with new installation center to be put up specifically for High security plates. An announcement is soon expected in September for installation
Its to be noted that Delhi, itself has over 75,00,000 Registered Vehicles plying - more than combined registered vehicles in other 3 Metro Cities in India

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