Monday, 23 September 2013

HSRP Plates to be Installed by Dealers in Bhopal

As per Circular by Transport Commissioner, Bhopal - Any new car to be delivered should be delivered with High Security Number Plate, which is to be mandatory affixed before handing over car to customer.

The Transport Commissioner has fixed it as Car Dealer Responsibility so that any delivery done - will be the responsibility of dealer to hand over the car with High Security Number Plate

Though - the process is good for consumers in a way that they do not need to run to RTO for affixation of plates. However - some points yet unknow :-

a) A very negligible proportion though - but a set of customers changes there car - either color or variant at time of delivery - This however will now not be possible as vehicle has to be registered before delivering

b) Will the car dealers in Bhopal - will deliver the car to customers on time. Will they not pass the buck to RTO - in event of car not delivered on time !!! 

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