Thursday, 3 April 2014

Offence for Driving Cars without High Security Number Plates

Do you know

- High Security Number Plates are now Mandatory in Delhi. Any New Car been Plying on road without HSRP Plate will be fined with Rs. 2000

- Dealers in Delhi are still delivering new cars without High Security Number Plates, despite Supreme Court Judgement. Even - some cars are surprisingly delivered without Registration (RTO Fee Receipt), wherein dealers are issuing there own gate pass for delivery and making customers wrongly appraise that gate pass is valid for driving on roads.  Do note that as per Section 39 of Motor Vehicle Act - any unregistered car found running on road will be liable to be prosecuted under Motor Vehicle Act

RTO Fees Receipt is considered a valid proof for Registration for New Cars

- Most of the Dealers in Delhi are now authorized to affix high security number plates at there own premises, still new cars are been delivered without HSRP Plates

- HSRP Fees for affixation varies city to city in India, HSRP Fees in
Surat - Rs. 180
Delhi - Rs. 214
Chandigarh - Rs. 300
Assam - Rs. 320
Andhra Pradesh - Rs. 620
Manipur - Astonishingly high at Rs. 1330

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- If your Car Dealer is delivering you car without High Security Number Plate, or
- Makes an attempt to deliver you car without (even worse) RTO Fee Receipt too as proof of registration dox


  1. very bed serviece on high security number plate so are rong commit, only base or simler no.

  2. My royal enfield dealer delivered the bike with a temporary number and the rto slip was given after one month and that too after lots of following up. For hsrp slips they are asking to wait for 15 days after registeration. Can I get the hsrp installed myself without involving the dealer. What is the procedure for the same?

  3. there is Rs.1600/- (Rupees Sixteen Hundred) only for procurement of HSRP in my new SUV in Arunachal Pradesh. after seeing the rate in online i am amazing why its very high rate in our state.

  4. Hi Team,

    I bought a new bike last sunday, my dealer did not provide any RTO Fee receipt.

    And they are saying it would take around a week more to get a number plate.

    What should I do?


  5. Hey ashish hello..

    Ashish I want to mark few points

    1. You got the invoice of your bike..???

    2. Do you have any acknowledgment letter stating that your number plate will be affixed once it'll be received by your dealer with company stamp...??

    3. Ask them about your bike rc ?

  6. Can someone tell me where can I get the hsrp number plate application form .. In Delhi